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Esquites recipe: roasted corn with lime & manchego cheese dip

By Leanne, Mrs. DoerRoasted corn with lime and manchego cheese appetizerA few weeks ago, my cousin took me to one of her favorite Seattle restaurants, Señor Moose in Ballard, to try a corn dish that she adored. The description said roasted corn and epazote with cream, and I had a hard time imagining how that would taste, but I decided to trust her and take a chance. I’m glad that I did, because one bite of their famous Esquites appetizer, and I was sold. 

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How to: Spiral cut hot dogs

By Tyler, Mr. DoerGrillingWith a sweet grill and an awesomely fun backyard, it’s really no surprise that this summer we’ve been doing a whole lot of outdoor grilling. Because of this, I spend a lot of time finding grilling recipes and tips and tricks online. 

Anyone who searches recipes regularly already knows that there are not a whole lot of hot dog grilling recipes out there, at least if we’re talking store-bought dogs. Really, there’s just not a lot of innovation in the way of grilling hot dogs and everyone pretty much does them the same way, right? 

Well, I used to think so. Now I've got a new favorite way to cook dogs and I may never go back to my old ways. Introducing the spiral cut hot dog.

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