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DIY Easter terrarium kit centerpiece

By Leanne, AKA Mrs. Doer

Ever since having kids, I've had really bad luck keeping any sort of plants alive. In terms of priorities, plants are somewhere on the list in between dusting the baseboards and organizing the kids' closets. I've heard awesome things about how low maintenance terrariums are, so I thought this might be the perfect solution to adding some green, living decor to our home.

Since I'm a novice terrarium maker, I opted for the DIY terrarium kit from ProFlowers called Going for a Ride Moss Terrarium. The picket fence, the bike, the reindeer moss – I loved it all and couldn't wait to put my own spin on it. I began to collect fun spring-themed goodies to make myself a scene that would be perfect as an Easter centerpiece.


It didn't take long to assemble at all and I had the whole kit together within 20 minutes of receiving the package – and that’s including the time it took to photograph each step!

Thankfully, the included step by step instructions made creating a little terrarium world seem as easy as cooking from a box. Each step was clearly written out and easy to understand, and everything coordinated with the clearly labeled individual bags of supplies, making it simple to put together quickly and easily.

Making the terrarium
For those of you worried about mess, you will be happy to note that the kit is actually really well packed and easy to dump directly into the glass container without much spilling or requiring a bunch of extra supplies {other than a small dish with water}. This made it easy to whip out during naptime without worrying about little hands spreading charcoal and mossy layers throughout the house.
Finishing the terrariumBut, because I knew they would adore putting the kit together as well, I saved the fun part for the kiddos to help with – the decorating. Once they were awake, we placed the red bicycle on the grassy knoll I created using the different types of moss and added some special rocks they had collected, including a special one that said "LOVE" and then sat back and admired our creation. Admiring the terrariumBut, then we decided it wasn’t spring-y enough for our tastes, so we added some Easter ornaments we already had, complete with flowers in the bike baskets and hearts and glitter. My plan is to add some mini Easter eggs on the day of, as well as a special little bunny right by the love rock for a real Easter feel. Easter bike terrariumAfter having the terrarium displayed for the past few weeks, I love it more and more every time I see it. I love the Easter accessories we added in the glass container, but I’m also really looking forward to decorating it for each season.

I’m thinking of getting some mini train people and making my own small kites they can fly, maybe some fake balloons for the kids' birthdays, and then adding some fake autumn leaves in the fall, white moss for winter, etc. I will love looking at the lush green moss even when all my houseplants shrivel up, and it will be nice to have around during the freezing temps as a little bit of summer right on my tabletop. Easter TerrariumMaking your own DIY terrarium is simple with a good starter kit and I would definitely recommend the one we tried at ProFlowers. It was easy to get started without going from garden store to garden store gathering supplies, and it was incredibly fun while being {mostly} mess free. Leanne Doer


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Katie Palmer

This is so cute and creative!

Karen Propes

I love your terrarium. I know it's for Easter, but I have been thinking about something like this for Christmas. Every time I see my Granddaughter we always have craft time. I think she would so enjoy this and maybe take out the Christmas goodies and have for every day decoration for her room. My daughter is expecting again, I wish I had written down some of the projects we made. Thanks for sharing your idea with us.

James Robert

Nice job on this one. I have to say, I think I am all fingers when it comes to things like this and cannot seem to master things like this. I guess craft projects I will never be to good at. My daughters however would live doing something like this and would be a great gift for them


Such a unique idea! Have to try it myself :)


This sounds fun for the whole family and that's just what I look for in crafts! I don't usually use proflowers after some bad experiences in the past but may have to give them another chance for this!


Love this tutorial! I've been wanting to make some to have a bit of green around during Maine winters.

Maggie Pedersen

What a fun idea!!

Katie Palmer

I have always wanted to do one of theses!


I have always wanted to make one of these but my cats would nock it over..


I always loved these things.


I love this!

Home and Garden Reviews

I love your terrarium. I remember when I was in Grade School and my teacher gave me a terrarium project. To cut the story short, the finished product was the cause of one of my most embarrassing moments. :(

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